The mission of the Boone County Adult Detention Facility (BCADF) is to maintain secure custody of the detainees entrusted to our care, while providing a safe, secure and clean environment for the detainees and staff. The BCADF will ensure the highest level of security for the protection of the citizens of Boone County. The operation of the facility will be consistent with Illinois County Jail Standards and the United States Constitution along with applicable case laws.

The facility will provide opportunities for advancement, professional growth and encourage staff development through educational opportunities.

We will utilize adult detainees to help maintain the facility in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Medical and Mental health professionals will be utilized to ensure the physical and mental well being of the detainees.

It is our policy to encourage every detainee to maintain positive contact with family and friends while incarcerated in our facility.

The BCADF is a detention facility and not a correctional facility, and is therefore not mandated to rehabilitate detainees. However, BCADF does offer detainee programs to assist in their self-improvement. Detainee participation is emphasized with the full realization that the detainee must express the willingness to change. The goal of the facility is that upon release, the detainee is in a better state of well being both physically and emotionally and at a minimum no worse than upon their admission to custody.

The facility is designed and shall be managed in support of the Podular Direct Supervision philosophy. The supervision and structure of the detainees environment shall be of a nature so that their critical needs are best met through complaint behavior, with an emphasis upon the preservation, of human dignity.