Boone County Board of Review Seeks New Member

The Boone County Board of Review is seeking a qualified professional with a background in real estate to serve on The Board of Review. If appointed, the member is required to pass the Board of Review basic course. They can take the three day course and exam, or they can complete the home study and take the test on a home study date.The Boone County Board of Review plays an important role in striving for equitable and fair property assessments through the assessment appeal process. As unbiased intermediaries, they hear testimony on written appeals of any real estate parcel that is claimed to be over or under-assessed. They then determine if the assessment is just, or needs to be corrected. The Board is comprised of 3 individuals with experience and training in property appraisal and property tax administration. Two members of the board are from one political party and 1 member is from a different party. The term is for 2 years. The Board of Review is the final local authority on local property assessment. Below are the links for the application and course book;

Study Course: