Financial Information

Boone County endeavors to make sure that information regarding the expenditure of your tax dollars is as transparent as possible. To complement that effort, we make available online annual county budgets and audits. Several of the most recent ones are listed here. If you need additional information you may contact the Administration Office at (815) 547-4770.

Public Act 97-609 requires that an IMRF employer must post the total compensation package for each employee receiving a total compensation package that exceeds $75,000 per a year. This information is available for review in the Boone County Administration Office 1212 Logan Avenue Belvidere, IL 61008 or you  may click on the link below.

Boone County Employee Compensation FY 2014

Boone County Employee Compensation FY 2015

Boone County Employee Compensation FY 2016

Boone County Employee Compensation FY 2017

Annual County Budgets and Financial Audits

FY 2017 Budget.pdf1.34 MB
FY 2016 Budget (Final).pdf3.24 MB
FY 2015 Budget.pdf2.38 MB
FY 2014 Budget.pdf3.09 MB
2013CountyBudgetPublicLayover.pdf1.45 MB
Fiscal Year 2012 Budget.pdf1.44 MB
Fiscal Year 2011 Budget.pdf1.37 MB
Fiscal Year 2010 Budget.pdf1.59 MB
Fiscal Year 2009 Budget.pdf1.66 MB
Fiscal Year 2008 Budget.pdf1.56 MB
Financial Audit 2015.pdf1.75 MB
Financial Audit 2014.pdf2.26 MB
Financial Audit 2013.pdf2.2 MB
Financial Audit 2012.pdf1.05 MB
Financial Audit 2011.pdf1.12 MB
Financial Audit 2010.pdf3.46 MB
Financial Audit 2009.pdf2.2 MB
Financial Audit 2008.pdf2.75 MB
Circuit Clerk Audit 2014.pdf492.94 KB
Circuit Clerk Audit 2012.pdf708.17 KB
Circuit Clerk Audit 2011.pdf501.56 KB
Circuit Clerk Audit 2010.pdf2.76 MB
Circuit Clerk Audit 2009.pdf622.55 KB