The Belvidere - Boone County GIS department makes most of its data available to the general public and interested businesses. Interested parties need simply send an email to with a list of data they would like to acquire along with the following forms :

Our GIS Dataset is continually growing, but the following are the most common GIS datasets we have and maintain:

  • Parcel Polygons with Parcel Address, PIN & Owner Name & Address
  • Street Centerlines with Address Ranges
  • Municipal Boundaries
  • Zoning for Unincorporated Boone County and Belvidere
  • Boone County Comprehensive Plan
  • Surface Water & Rivers (Hydrography)
  • Parks & Bike Paths
  • Railroads
  • Schools

This is not a comprehensive list. To see if we maintain a layer you may need, please email us at