Court Records

The clerk of the Circuit court is a non-judicial officer of the Judicial Branch of the State Government and is therefore exempt from the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act. 

However, all court files are public records and, unless impounded or sealed under state law or by court order, such files are available for public inspection.


We have numerous ways to search for information:

  1. Search Our Current Database  - All cases since August 1993 may be searched on the  website.
  2. Search 'Old' Cases (BEFORE August 1993) - Visit the Boone County Courthouse to review our Indexes, files, and microfilm resources.
  3. We Can Search For You - Our staff will do the search when you submit your written request including:
    1. The Year(s) to be searched
    2. The Name(s) to be searched
    3. The $6 per name per year search fee 
    4. If request copies – prepaid fees apply – see fee table
    5. A self addressed stamped envelope
    6. Please Allow 4 to 6 weeks for your results to be sent to you.